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This festive season if you want to add bling to your designs then you can go for lace trims. Laces can totally transform your designs and make them more colourful and appealing. In this blog, we are going to talk about various beautiful lace materials that are available online.

1) Sequins Lace: One of the most beautiful and shimmery lace that you can use is sequins lace. It is perfect for the embellishment of traditional wear be it saree, lehenga or suit. They come in so many beautiful colors that you are going to love how these will make your designs change. At embroiderymaterial.com, you can buy sequins laces online at wholesale prices.

2) Embroidered Laces:These designer laces are perfect for the adornment of saree, suits, lehenga, blouse, and other ethnic wear. These fancy laces are also famous as border laces as they can be easily used as border on various ethnic wears. They will totally transform your designs for better and will surely make heads turn.

3) Pom Pom Lace: Pom pom lace trim are the most colourful laces that can add playfulness to your designs. They are the most versatile laces that can be used for embellishment of ethnic as well as casual wear. You can easily use them to adorn baby wear, sarees, blouses, bags, purse, footwear, etc. These fringe braid pom pom lace can make your designs more colourful and beautiful. You can buy them at your favorite lace shop embroiderymaterial.com.

4) Gota Lace: Gota lace are also perfect for the adornment of saree, suits, lehenga, blouse, and other ethnic wear. They are also used as border lace; you can also find them in dresses with frills. They are one shiny lace that can make your designs stand out. It is amazing how this simple lace can make your designs much more beautiful and interesting.

So, this was all about various laces that are perfect for festive season. You can easily use these to embellish your outfits and decorate your home. They can also be used for craft work. Let me know in the comments below which lace is your favorite and where you are going to use them.

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The festive and wedding season is just around the corner and with designer dresses you will need designer jewelry to create the magic. And what’s better than jewelry beads to create designer jewelry items. In this blog, we are going to discuss about various wholesale beads that are trending this season:

1) Natural Stone Beads: They are available in various colourful patterns and designs. They come in various shapes, so, you can get a nice opportunity to mix and match them and create your masterpiece in your own creative way.

2) Kundan Work Beads: These have beautiful work of kundan on them. They are available in two different shapes, rectangle and round. You are going to love how these will transform your jewelry designs. You can add them to necklaces, bracelets, anklets earrings and more. I am sure you are going to love the traditional look they are going to provide to your designs. These are by far the best beads for jewelry making.

3) Superduo Beads: Sometimes also referred as twin beads, superduo beads are small beautiful pieces that have two holes in them. You can easily use them to create unique jewelry designs. They are available in various colors which can make your designs much more interesting and charming.

4) Metal Beads and Pipes: These are tube beads that are available in various patterns, sizes and colors. You are going to love how they can work as perfect spacers in your jewelry designs. They are very easy to use and are charming too. They are most used beads for jewelry making.

5) Peanut Beads: These are called peanut and farfalle beads because they resemble the shape of peanut and butterfly. When used together, these beads form a pattern by interlocking themselves to form an amazing pattern.

6) Ceramic Beads: These colourful beads come in two shapes, round and tube. They are perfect for making kids jewelry items and decorating craft projects. You are going to love the variety of colors available in them.

7) Jasper Beads: These gemstone beadhave unique pattern on each bead. They are perfect for making jewelry items that will provide you a bohemian look.

So, this was all about various beads that are trending now. You buy all these beads online at wholesale prices only on embroiderymaterial.com. Please let me know in the comments below which bead you like the most and what are going to make with it.

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Delica beads are small tube beads that are used for the adornment and decoration work. These glass beads come in various sizes, colors, and finishes. You can also choose them according to the brands as they come in various brands too. In this blog, we are going to discuss about various brands which are available in Delica Beads.

1) Toho Beads: These are Japanese which are highly consistent in color, size and shape. You can easily achieve professional look while working with them. The color and finish available in these are truly gorgeous. You are going to love how these beads will enhance your overall beading experience.

2) Miyuki Beads: These are also Japanese beads that are known for its high consistency in color, size and finish. They are also available in various sizes and colors. Though they are very similar in properties with Toho beads, but they have a different built design and feel. You can easily use these miyuki delica beads for bead weaving and stringing.

3) Indian Beads: These beads are the consistent in color and finish. However, you will find that they are a bit inconsistent in size. If you are fan of beads that are provide your designs boho chic look then you can definitely go for these. These wholesale beads can give your designs a unique look too. These are perfect beads for jewelry making.

4) MGB 2 Cut Beads: These are also Japanese beads and similar to miyuki and toho, they are consistent in color, size and finish. However, their built design and feel is very different from toho and miyuki. They are also available in lovely colors and beautiful finishes.

You can buy delica beads online at wholesale prices only on embroiderymaterial.com. Please let me know in the comments below which brand do you use for doing your embroidery work and which brand you prefer for jewelry making.

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Buttons are small fasteners that helps in fastening two pieces of fabrics. They are made from various material like metal, wood, seashells, plastic etc. They are also prominently used in arts and crafts. In modern clothing and fashion design, a button plays an important role as it easily fastens the two pieces of fabric together. Not only they work as fasteners but they can also be used for adornment of garments, bags, wallets, footwear etc.

In this blog we are going to discuss various types of available online:

1) MOP Buttons: Mother of Pearl Buttons (aka MOP buttons) are seashell buttons that are made from shells. They come in various beautiful shapes and color variants. You will find the shell buttons on embroiderymaterial.com fascinating enough to add to your garments. They can provide your designs a simple-yet-elegant look.

2) Snap Buttons: Snap buttons (aka Snap Fasteners) are buttons that can easily sewn on fabric and quickly snapped to close. These buttons have two disc that interlock together when snapped together. These come in various sizes which can help you choose the right one for your work. These metal buttons are often used in children clothing. The best thing about them is they easily hide under cloth so you can use them in places where you do not want the button to show up.

3) Swarovski Buttons:In this category, you will find Swarovski crystal buttons online that are available in different shapes and colors. At embroiderymaterial.com, you can find Swarovski buttons in so many varieties. They are known for adding shine and elegance to the design. They can be used on coats, suit, upholstery and more. They can surely amp up the game for you.

So, this was all about the various buttons online available on at wholesale prices on your own button shop embroiderymaterial.com. You can now easily choose the snap fasteners as per your requirement. Let me know in the comments below what you are making and which button you would like to add to your designs.

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Jewelry cord and jewelry wire plays an important role when it comes to jewelry making. These jewelry making materials can make your jewelry much more durable and interesting. In this blog, we are going to discuss about various jewelry wires and jewelry cords that are available online.

1) Beading Wire: Beading wire also known as tiger-tail wire is used for making jewelry with beads. It can be used for making bracelets, anklets, necklaces and more. They come in various beautiful colors which will makes it to design the jewelry as per your choice.

2) Waxed Thread: The cotton threads are braided to form round cord which is then coated with wax to get smooth finish. These are used for making braided jewerly items. Beads like ceramic beads, natural stones beads etc. that have big holes can be used with them. Braided bracelets and necklaces can easily be made with them. You can find them in various beautiful colors like white, yellow, green, blue, pink and more.

3) Nylon Jewelry Cord: This cord is also used for making braided jewelry items. It is also available in beautiful colors like yellow, green, blue and more. You can mix and match colors to make a gorgeous jewelry pieces. These are also used for doing craft works.

4) Elastic Thread Cord: Elastic Threads or Elastic Cords are mainly used for making stretchy bracelets. These can make the jewelry making work really easy for you as you don’t need clasp or crimps with it. All you need to do is, bead the stretchy cord and tie a knot at the end. To secure the knot use dab some glue on it and you are done. It’s really easy to work with this jewelry making cord. You can find various beautiful colors which will surely make your jewelry making experience even more pleasant.

So, this was all about jewelry cord and jewelry wire. You can buy all these jewelry making supplies at wholesale prices only on emboiderymaterial.com.

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Embroidery is an art form that requires a lot of material to accomplish one task. Other than thread and needle there are many other embroidery tools that you are going to need when you are starting an embroidery project. In this blog, I am going to list the most important tools for embroidery that every embroiderer must-have.

1) Embroidery Frame: Be it a normal round embroidery hoop or an aari maggam embroidery cot, a frame comes first when you want to start an embroidery project. Embroidery frame helps in tightening the fabric, making it easy to do embroidery on it.

2) Embroidery Needle: Another most important embroidery tool is Needle. You can find different types of embroidery needles online for doing different types of embroidery like zardosi embroidery, tambour embroidery, aari embroidery and more.

3) Tracing Paper:Tracing paper is used for tracing the designs or pattern on the fabric. This makes it easy for you to trace design on fabric easily and efficiently.

4) Pinning Machine: It is used for pinning the design on tracing paper so you can easily trace the design on fabric. This machine comes with speed adjustable knobs which will make it easy for you to adjust the speed as per your need.

5) Thread Cutter and Embroidery Scissors: Thread Cutter and Embroidery Scissors are always must as you are going to need a cutter or scissors to get perfect snips. They come really handy when you are working on your embroidery projects.

You can also find new types of cutters that are easy to hold and perfect to work with. They are available in four beautiful colors.

6) Needle Threader: This really comes in handy when you are doing zardosi embroidery and working with thin needles. It gets difficult sometimes to thread the needle that is where this Needle Threader comes handy. You can easily thread any sewing needle with the help of this threader.

7) Thimble: When you are doing hand embroidery, this tool can help you to protect the finger and to push the sewing needle while doing embroidery.

So, these were some essential embroidery tools that an embroiderer must-have. Please let me know in the comments below if I have missed out on any. Also, you can buy embroidery tools online at wholesale prices on your own embroidery materials store. With this, you can also find other embroidery supplies like embroidery threads, embroidery wires, rhinestones, beads, sequins, etc.

You can also find jewelry supplies and beading supplies like beading needles, bead spinner and more.

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Sequins Paillettes are the most beautiful pieces and the easiest method of embellishment. They come in different sizes and amazing finishes which will surely make your designs even more alluring. Sequins can add glitter and shine in the most elegant way. Their different shapes and styles are what make them stand out. So, in this blog let’s discuss various types of sequins available:

1) Flat Round Sequins: These decorative sequins are flat and are round in shape. They can be double hole or single hole. They are the most popular and used in embellishing lifestyle and clothing items. You can see their large use in diy craft projects. Silver and gold sequins are the mostly used sequins for embroidery.

There is one more category in this i.e. Reversible Sequins, those are top hole sequins and have different colors on both the sides. When stitched these can be easily flipped, you can easily get a two tone dress or pillow covers when you using these sequins.

2) Cupped Sequins: There are various types of cupped sequins like bowl and French cut. They are beautiful and can be used for adorning dresses and in craft projects. They are generally paired with seed beads as they enhance the overall look when paired together. They usually provide a three-dimensional look to the design, hence are more preferred where dimension is required.

3) Flower Shaped Sequins: These are the most elegant sew on sequins you can find. They are widely used in making jewelry, embroidery and diy craft. You are going to love the different types available in this category. There are some with flat, some with dimension, so you can choose as per your design’s requirement. You can them all at wholesale prices only on your own embroidery material shop.

4) Leaf Sequins: You can find some gorgeous shapes in this category. They can be used a charm while making jewelry items. Dangling earrings and bracelets can easily be made with them with the help of some jump rings and other jewelry findings. I am sure you are going to find this section very much interesting. They are perfect sequins for craft.

Not only this, they can also give your embroidery design a much needed definition. I would suggest you to check them out once, you will be amazed with the variety and the wide collection.

With this, you can also find metal sequins in various shapes and colors.

There are various other shapes like rectangle, square, boat, heart and more. You can also find folded sequins in mesmerizing colors. So, this was all about various types of sequins online available on our sequins store. You can explore more shapes and colors by checking the wide collection. I am sure you will find the exact sequins you are looking for.

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Seed beads are small beads that have a hole in the centre. They are round in shape, made of glass and are smooth to touch. The shape of these beads is like plant seeds, hence the name. In India, they are known as Moti.

Uses of Seed Beads

They are used to embellish apparels, purses, footwear, bags and craft projects. They are also used in designing fashion accessories and making jewellery. They are the most widely used beading material since ages. Earlier, they used to come in simple finish but nowadays they are available in countless colors, finishes and sizes. They are perfect beads of jewelry making.

Popular Brand

Miyuki and Preciosa are the most popular brands. They offer high consistency in color, shape, size, and finish. Miyuki Beads and Preciosa Beads are used by designers all over the world. You can also find Indian Beads which are a bit uneven in size but can surely help you to achieve boho look.

Most popular color in Seed Beads

Most popular colors in seed beads are gold and silver. At embroiderymaterial.com, you can explore them in hues like pink, blue, peach, white, cream, yellow, green, orange, gold, silver, brown, black, gunmetal, purple, fuchsia, red, lemon yellow and much more. The main attractions in are double color beads. They are popularly used in making bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets and other fashion accessories. Gold and silver color seed beads are for sale.

Beautiful Finishes in Seed Beads

At embroiderymaterial.com, you can explore seed beads alluring finishes like lustre, iris, opaque, ab, transparent, opaque lustre, inside color, glazed lustre, silverline and transparent lustre.

Lustre Finish beads have an amazing shine and these glossy beads are perfect for adding glamour in your designs.

Silverline Finish beads have an amazing silver color coating on the walls of the hole. Add these beauties in your designs to get a splashy look.

Inside Color beads have solid color on the walls of the hole of bead. These beautiful glass beads have transparent outer surface and the color inside gives the beads a mesmerising look. If you are looking for something unique to add in your designs then this would be your right choice.

You can buy these seed beads at wholesale prices from your favourite online bead store.

Explore other beading supplies

You can also find other beads like ceramic beads, crystal beads, delica beads, faceted round beads, faceted briolette beads, natural stone beads and metal beads at best bead store and this bead store is the largest supplier of seed beads at wholesale prices.

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Crystal beads are extremely versatile and they can open up a world of possibilities for your jewelry designs. They come in so many varieties and style that you will definitely find the bead which will meet your requirement. From faceted rondelle, tube, cone, to Shambhala disco ball bead and Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads.

These beautiful exquisite pieces are enough for making any jewelry item be it a necklace, bracelet, anklet or earring. Not only this, but you can also use these beads for embellishing couture wears and beauty pageant wears.

At our bead store, you will find all the crystal beads perfect for making that perfect jewelry piece.

1) Bicone Beads: These beads are small and perfect; they are also faceted beads and have amazing shine. It is sometimes hard to believe that these simple beads are also used for embellishment of designer dresses. Their faceted surface reflects a lot of light and hence they are extremely shiny. You can also check out Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads as their quality can be matched.

2) Disco Ball Shambhala Beads: These are beautiful round disco beads which are made with clay and have small crystal chatons embedded in them. The best thing about them is they come in one color as well as contrasting colors which makes them even more desirable. Make a bracelet, necklace or anklet with it and enjoy the accent they will provide to your entire ensemble.

3) Rondelle Beads: These are amazing and so beautiful that you are going to love how gorgeous your designs will turn out after their use. They are small, hence, they can be used as spacer beads while making jewelry items. They will definitely provide uniqueness to your designs.

4) Cone Beads: These beautiful beads can be used in two different ways. You can easily use them just by stringing them or by making a charm with them by just adding them to the head pins. These charms can be added to any jewelry items with the help of jump rings. These are perfect beads for jewelry making.

5) Briolette Beads: These lovely beads are very small in size and have a teardrop shape. They have a length-wise drilled holes which makes it easy to incorporate in any jewelry design. Do not underestimate these little beads as they can provide so much more elegance to your designs then you can imagine.

6) Rectangle Tube Beads: You won’t believe how beautiful these beads can make your designs look. These tube beads are rectangle in shape and are available in various lovely colors. You will love the definition they will provide to your jewelry designs.

So, these were some of the crystal beads for jewelry making. You can buy crystal beads online on best bead store at wholesale prices.

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Pearl beads are the most beautiful beads that you can use for embroidery and jewelry making. They come in so many beautiful colors and material that you are bound to get attracted to them. Different types of premium quality pearls are available at wholesale prices on our online pearl shop, so explore the types of pearls online one by one:

1) Glass Pearls: These beautiful pearls are made from glass. They have a really nice color and shine. They are affordable and come in various sizes like 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm. They are surely the best pearls for jewelry making. They can also be used for embroidery as they are easy to sew and makes embroidery designs more elegant. These are perfect pearl beads for jewelry making. The popular color used in pearls is Ivory; it provides the more charming-yet-elegant look to any design. You can even make a single strand necklace with pearl stud earrings to pair with it. I am sure you are going to love how adorable they are.

2) Swarovski Crystal Pearls: These Swarovski pearls are made from crystal, coated with color and polished to get amazing shine. They are so beautiful that your heart might skip a beat. The shine of these pearls is unbeatable and the quality is unmatched. Most renowned fashion designers use these Swarovski crystal pearls in their creations. They are perfect for both embroidery and jewelry making. You can buy Swarovski pearls online in various colors at your own pearl shop.

3) Acrylic Pearls: These pearls are made of acrylic material. They are very light in weight and are perfect for kid’s jewelry project. You can find acrylic beads in gorgeous neon pop up colors that will summer jewelry much more interesting. They come in two shapes round and oval. You can either mix and match or go with one shape and color.

So, this was all about various types of pearls available online. You can buy all these pearls online at best pearl shop.