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Who doesn’t love beads? Their versatility, use in embroidery, beading, jewelry making and crafting makes them so alluring. We have talked about so many beads, however, now is the time to introduce you to the most amazing beads for jewelry making and those are Indian Beads. They come in so many varieties and colors that you are surely going to lure over them. The best thing about them is they are very cost effective and you will love how they will transform your jewelry design. You can buy them from best online bead store.

Now, let’s talk about various Indian beads that are available and what is special about each of them:

(1) Glass Beads:
There are various Indian glass beads that are perfect for making jewelry like Seed Beads, Delica Beads, and Bugle Beads. They come in so many varieties and colors that you are going to adore it. Indian delica beads are tiny tube beads and are also known as cutdana. Indian Seed Beads are pretty round beads that can enhance your overall beading experience. Indian bugle beads are available in various shapes and sizes, you are going to love the variety available in them.

(2) Ceramic Beads:
These are other wholesale Indian Beads that are perfect for making subtle jewelry items. They can also be addressed as craft beads because they are majorly used in crafting projects.

(3) Natural Stone Beads:
These gorgeous stone beads are surely going to lure you away with their charm. Available in so many beautiful patterns and colors, they can give your designs an ethnic look. You can complete your traditional look by wearing jewelry made with these.

(4) Jasper Beads:
These are other lovely beads that are mainly used for making jewelry. The Jasper stone is found in various countries but India remains the major source of it. They are used for making various jewelry items from necklace to bracelets.

So, these were a few Indian beads that are purely amazing and I think you will love them. Please let me know in the comments below if you are going to use try them and what you are going to make with these.

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I am discussing about the best jewelry beads that can help you to incorporate a new style and look into your designs. You must be familiar with these crystal beads. Aren’t they gorgeous? These fire polished beads are beautiful and the most used beads for jewelry making but there is a catch here, these beads can be used like regular beads or they can be used as a charm.

Who doesn’t love charms? They are the most beautiful and amazing pieces that can be added to jewelry but you may ask why you need to make charms when they are available for sale. Well! The thing is these crystal charms look way cute and crystal in charms can you that shiny and glamorous look. Don’t believe me, check out these cute pictures.

The best thing is you can easily make them yourself with some ball or head pins. All you have to do is take a bead and put it into the headpin. Now, take the other end of the headpin and make a loop with the help of Round Nose Pliers and your cute little charm is ready.

Necklace, Bracelets, Anklets, and Earrings made with this jewelry making materials always stand out. Now, let’s explore the various shapes that are available in:

(1) Disco Crystal Balls Beads: These beautiful Shambhala Beads or crystal balls beads are clay beads that have crystal chatons embedded on them. They are available in beautiful colors and are mostly used for making bracelets.

(2) Rondelle Beads: These little beads are perfect for making. However, they can also be used for embellishing dresses. Their specialty is their beautiful shape that makes it even more likable.

(3) Briolette Beads: These pear-shaped beads help you enhance your embroidery as well as jewelry making experience.

(4) Bicone Beads: These faceted beads are in the shape of a bicone. They are multifaceted hence have a beautiful shine. Available in various gorgeous colors these little pieces are going to give your designs a glamorous look. You can also buy bicone Swarovski beads at best prices only at your own favorite bead shop.

They are used by renowned fashion designers in their creations as they provide a shimmery-yet-classy look. They can be a total game changer and make your designs look more graceful.

(5) Cone and Rectangle Beads: These are other beautiful beads that can add a lovely twist to your jewelry design. They especially look really beautiful when used as a charm. Black crystal beads are first choice of jewelry designers.

So, this was all about the crystal beads. Please let me know in the comments below where you are going to use them and what you are going to make with them.

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Seed Beads are alluring little beads that have the resemblance with plant seeds. These tiny little beauties are very hard to resist as they are the best jewelry making material but before choosing the beads for your project you should know the difference among various brands available in them. Before choosing the beads for your project, you should know the difference among various brands available. In case you are thinking about what brand has to do with beads then let me tell you, the brand that you choose will decide how your project will turn out to be. So, let’s explore the various brands available in these beads one by one:

(1) Miyuki:
This Japanese brand offers the best quality glass beads that are the greatest in quality. They are the most uniform beads that you can find ever. Miyuki beads have always set a standard for others by keeping its original essence alive. There are many types of beads manufactured by Miyuki and the list consists of Delica, Hexagon, square and more.

These high-quality beads are perfect for loom and off-loom bead weaving projects. As much as Miyuki Beads are perfect for jewelry making, they can also be used for doing embroidery on dresses. They have a large hole compared to the same size of beads form other brands.

One thing you can be sure about is these beads will give your designs a professional look.

(2) Preciosa Czech Rocaille Beads:
These lovely Preciosa Czech Rocaille Seed Beads are beautiful round beads that come in various sizes. Available in countless colors these lovely beads can totally transform your designs. Though all colors are prominently used, black beads always remain as the first choice of designers. They are also consistent in color, shape and size. Preciosa beads come in various shapes like drop, bugle, farfalle, two cut, triangle and more. There is no limit to the range offered by this brand. However, Preciosa Rocailles are the ones that sell the most. You can easily get your hands on them by buying them from your favourite online bead store.

(3) Indian Beads:
These beads are very cheap beads when compared to both the above brands. So, if you are looking for cheap beads for jewelry making, you can check these out. However, before purchasing them, keep this in mind that these are very inconsistent in size and shape. You can use them if you uniformity is not your priority then you can go for these. They are can be used for embroidery, jewelry making and crafting. Available in various gorgeous colors they can make your projects look pretty good. The best thing you can find here is double color beads. Those are just perfect for anything you design.

Hope you liked this information. Please let me know in the comments below which brand do you like and what you are going to make with them.

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In this blog, I am going to discuss about various types of beads for jewelry making. Beads are one material which is very popular and used in most of the jewelry items. However, most people don’t know about the wide range available in them. So, in this blog, I will discuss about the various types of beads used for jewelry making:

(1) Glass Beads:

Glass Beads come in round and cylindrical tube shape. They are perfect for making jewelry items like necklace, bracelets, earrings and anklets. The colorful collection available in these seed beads, delica beads and bugle beads will totally amaze you. The gold, silver and black beads are the mostly used not only in jewelry making but also in embroidery.

(2) Crystal Beads:

You can find an amazing collection of crystal beads at our online store. From cone, bicone, rectangle to rondelle, you can find various lovely shapes in them. These beads have beautiful crystal shine because of the gorgeous finish. You can also find Swarovski Bicone Beads here.

The other most interest bead in this category is disco ball or shambhala beads. They are most amazing and alluring pieces which can take your designs to another level. You can mix and match them all or use them individually. They are all equally beautiful.

(3) Pearls:

Pearls are girl’s companion for life and when available by Swarovski they become much more likable and lovable. You can find acrylic, glass and crystal beads at your own favorite online store. These are perfect pearls for jewelry making be it a necklace or an earring.

(4) Spacer and Stone Beads:

You can also find beautiful collection of stones and spacer beads in various gorgeous patterns and colors. They can be total game changer when it comes to designing any jewelry pieces. Spacer beads specially can be put to use in so many ways. They can help you to refine your jewelry pieces and let them stand out.

So, these were all the different types of beads and you can shop from our online bead store.

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Global grow lights market is expected to reach market size of $5,954.1 million by 2023 and is forecasted to register 12.5% CAGR during the forecast period. The market is expected to witness high growth with increasing indoor farming practices and growing demand for grow lights growth chambers due to surging population.

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The need of economical grow light technology in cities, increasing government support for the adoption of LED lights, rising disposable income among consumers in developing countries, and surge in per capita global GDP over the years, are expected to boost the growth of grow lights market during the forecast perid.

Based on our analysis, LED based grow lights have been the largest as well as the fastest growing market. Being an efficient technology, the demand of such modern solutions is further projected to increase during the forecast period. Full spectrum based grow lights has been growing at higher pace, as compared to the partial spectrum.

Increasing demand for indoor and vertical farming techniques that use grow lights to pace up crop production, is driving the demand of grow lights. The growing need for consistent supply of food among consumers coupled with the growing awareness of the benefits of using LED grow lights, is resulting in the growth of indoor and vertical farms, globally. In addition, the growing per capita spending and rising disposable income of the population are some other factors driving the adoption of both the farming techniques.

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Koninklijke Philips N.V., and General Electric are the top two companies operating in the grow lights market. There exists a stiff competition among other key players like Osram Licht AG, Dool Industries, Heliospectra AB and Illumitex Inc.

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The global cryocooler market is projected to reach $2,365.8 million by 2023 and is growing at a CAGR of 7.3% during the forecast period. The global cryocooler market is expected to reach $2,365.8 million by 2023, registering a CAGR of 7.3% during 2017 - 2023. Cryocooler refers to the mechanical device, used to generate cryogenic temperature and offers cooling to the environment and materials inside it.

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The aerospace and defense industry is expected to contribute largest to the global cryocooler market. In this industry, cryocoolers are widely being used for military and space applications. Global cryocooler market is expected to register a significant growth, directed by the rising acceptance of several cryocoolers to offer cryogenic temperatures for IR sensors in missile guidance, satellite-based surveillance and night vision based systems.

Geographically, North America has been the largest contributor to the global cryocooler market, followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. Some of the factors such as the mature aerospace and defense industry and the rising installation of cryogenic technology in aircraft carriers are responsible for the growth of North American cryocooler market. Moreover, acceptance of cryocoolers in healthcare industry for various applications, including cryosurgery and proton therapy, is also propelling the growth of cryocooler market in the region.

The military applications contributed largest to the global cryocooler market; however, market for space applications is expected to register the highest growth during the forecast period. The global cryocooler market has immense growth opportunities with the increasing applications of cryocoolers in the space sector, which is likely to spearhead the global cryocooler market in near future.

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Some of the major players in the global cryocooler market include Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Janis Research Company, RICOR Cryogenic & Vacuum Systems, Advanced Research Systems, DH Industries, Air Liquide, L-3 Communications Holdings, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Superconductor Technologies, Chart Industries, Brooks Automation, Sunpower and Cryomech.

About P&S Intelligence
P&S Intelligence, is a provider of market research and consulting services catering to the market information needs of burgeoning industries across the world. Providing the plinth of market intelligence, P&S as an enterprising research and consulting company, believes in providing thorough landscape analyses on the ever-changing market scenario, to empower companies to make informed decisions and base their business strategies with astuteness.

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The global microcontroller market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9% during 2016 – 2022. Among the various bit sizes, the 32-bit segment held the largest share in the global microcontroller market in 2015.

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The rapidly developing automobile industry and surge in the smart grid projects is expected to be one of the primary factors driving the demand for microcontrollers during the forecast period. Majority of the programmable microcontrollers that are used presently are embedded in other consumer products or machinery including mobile phones, automobiles, household appliances and peripherals for computer systems. Owing to this, a microcontroller is sometimes also coined as embedded controller.

Microcontrollers have myriad of applications, on account of its premium features. However, there are different types of microcontrollers to meet the requirements of a specific application. Since cost is an important factor while manufacturing, it is only coherent to pick the most economical device that goes with the application’s needs. Consequently, microcontrollers are usually tailored for specific applications.

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The ongoing technological advancements including vehicle connectivity, interactive safety systems and finally self-driving cars will change the global scenario in the near future. The automobiles though mechanical to its soul, will go digital world over the forecast period, thus leveraging the characteristics of microcontroller. This will drive the demand for microcontrollers during the forecast period.

The growing awareness among tech savy consumers is leading to smartphone proliferation across the globe. The sales of smartphone are driven by the demand for low cost smartphones in the developing economies and inexpensive 4G smartphones in emerging markets worldwide. The global smartphone market is increasing at a significant rate, with numbers varying from market-to-market basis. This will propel the demand for microcontrollers in the coming years.

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Some of the key companies operating in the global microcontroller market include Texas Instruments Incorporated, Microchip Technology Inc., Silicon Laboratories, Intel Corporation, Renesas Electronics Corporation, Maxim Integrated, Fairchild Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, Analog Devices Inc. and Samsung Semiconductor.

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The global vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSELs) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21.9% during 2016 – 2022. Among the various types, the gallium arsenide segment held the largest share in the global VCSELs market in 2015.

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The advantages associated with VCSELs over conventional diodes are driving the growth of the global VCSELs market. The other drivers for the market include availability of cost-effective VCSELs and their rapid deployment for high volume applications.

VCSELs offer reliability, high precision and efficiency in optical sensors based on scattering, transmission, absorption, self-mixing, reflection, interference, and others. For instance, VCSELs are universal in applications using reflective sensors and scattering or imaging techniques to perceive objects or moving objects. Greater precision has increased the adoption of VCSELs in medical applications, such as medical diagnostics and therapeutics, optical nerve stimulation, computed radiography imaging.

Multi-element VCSEL arrays offers around 1 W of CW optical power, low facet power density while providing high wallplug efficiency. Owing to this, various applications including LiDAR, aerospace, night vision, illumination, and line-of-sight communication links operating at 3 Gbps and higher have observed increase in demand of VCSELs. Proximity is measured by transmitting light and sensing reflections from nearby objects. Superior power efficiency over LEDs has increase the adoption of VCSELs in proximity sensing applications, which is further fueling the growth of the market.

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VCSELs have broad applications in bar code sensors; POF based home networking, atomic clock technology, and datacomm industry. The growth in these verticals is attributed to unique characteristic of VCSELs, such as high speed and low cost compared to LEDs. With significant lower cost, portability, high speed, power savings, chip scale atomic clocks (CSAC) can be introduced to extensive series of innovative applications.

VCSELs have been used extensively in the datacomm industry, owing to their high speed supporting capabilities such as 10/40/100 Gbps Ethernet, 16 Gbps FC data infrastructure links, thus boosting the growth of the market. Newer applications including chip-to-chip and board-to-board interfaces where density, data rates, and power limits are major constraints are deploying VCSELs, which is consequently fuelling the demand of VCSEL market. With increasing demand for high speed data network, the demand of VCSELs in-turn is expected to continue during the forecast period.

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Some of the key companies operating in the global VCSELs market include Alight Technologies A/S, Avago Technologies, Finisar Corporation, Phillips Photonics, Litrax Technology Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., PD-LD, Inc., OECA Optoelectronics Component and Applications GmbH, and Sacher Lasertechnik GmbH.

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The global consumer drones market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.1% during 2016 – 2022. Among the various types, the multi-rotor segment held the largest share in the global consumer drones market in 2015.

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The global consumer drones market is being driven by the increasing consumer interest in drone technology and its surging applications. The other factors driving the growth of the market include increasing demand for compact drones and increasing utility of drones embedded with augmented and virtual reality tools. The key opportunities witnessed in the global consumer drones market include growing demand for compact drones, increasing demand for consumer drones with virtual and augmented reality and growing eminence of racing drones.

The demand for compact drones has been observed to increase in the recent past. The pocket drones and three-rotor aerial vehicle folds up to fit in a backpack. Despite being small in size, its three independent propeller motors are powerful enough to carry a GoPro camera. These small easily portable flying robot goes everywhere with the pilot to capture overhead imagery on demand.

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AirDroids have been emerging, as one of the prominent vendors for compact consumer drones. The compact drone manufactured by the company is known as Pocket Drone, which an inexpensive flying machine meant to give people of all stripes a different perspective. Pocket Drone is also the world’s first multicopter. This drone is powerful and carries a high quality action camera and folds up smaller than a tablet.

The demand for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is expected to increase at the consumer and organizational levels respectively. The consumer drones offer virtual reality applications embedded within them and provide advanced features with the help of that application.

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The key companies operating in the global consumer drones market include DJI Innovations, Parrot SA, 3D Robotics, Shenzhen Hubsan Intelligent Co. Ltd., Blade LLC, JJRC Toy Co. Ltd., Syma Toys Industrial Co. Ltd., Walkera Technology Co. Ltd, Guangdong Cheerson, Hobby Technology Company Limited, and Hobbico Inc.

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The personal robots market is expected to cross $34.0 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 37.8% between 2016-2022. The key drivers witnessed in the market include aging population and slow birth rate in developed countries, declining prices of personal robots, and increasing demand for mobile robots.

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The various types of personal robots include cleaning robots, entertainment and toy robots, education robots, companion robots, handicap assistance robots, personal transportation robots, security robots, and other robots. Cleaning robots are the most commonly used robots in households, as they assist in daily chores to make their owner’s life easier. Cleaning robots have been the largest contributors to the personal robots market, whereas the market of companion robots is expected to witness the highest CAGR during 2016 – 2022.

Asia-Pacific is expected to become the largest personal robots market by 2022, surpassing Europe and North America. The Asia-Pacific personal robots industry is expected to reach $10.9 billion by 2022. The aggressive measures taken by the government and robot manufacturers in Japan, China and South Korea are the key reasons for the fast growth of the market in this region.

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Among the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, Japan is one of the most innovative developers of robots. The HRP-4C robot developed in Japan is programmed to act like a fashion model. The robot is designed after the average Japanese women. Apart from modeling the designed cloths on runways, it can also perform jobs such as that of tour guides. Saya, an education robot developed in Japan, is capable of teaching primary grade students. Saya is capable of exhibiting several emotions and speaking multiple languages. The Japanese government has recently invested $35 million to stimulate the growth of robotics industry in the country.

The price of personal robots has been declining globally, which is encouraging the budget conscious customers to purchase them and thereby driving the growth of the personal robots market. The average price of personal robots has declined around 27% between 2005 and 2014. Their price is likely to further decline by around 22% between 2015 and 2025. This is expected to boost the volume sales of personal robots, especially in the developed countries where a personal robot is only afforded by the higher economic class.

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Some of the key players in the global market include Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Sony Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., F&P Robotics AG, ZMP Inc., Segway Inc., Neato Robotics Inc., Ecovacs Robotics Inc., Hasbro Inc., and iRobot Corporation.