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Embroidery Needles types, quality, uses, price etc. in this blog, I will try to answer your entire questions related to the most important embroidery tool.

There are many types of embroidery needle and each needle or hook has a specific purpose. So, choose the needle according to your work type.

Aari Embroidery Needles:- These are used for Aari embroidery work, which is an ancient embroidery art form that you do with sequins, beads, threads etc on a stretch fabric on wooden frame . The needles are made from Iron with a wooden handle. You keep your one hand above the fabric with needle which has sequins, beads etc and one hand below the fabric with which you put thread on the tip of the needle when the needle come through the fabric. The price is Rs50 for 5 Aari needles.

To know more about different use of Aari hooks, please check our video below


Zardosi Needle:- These are basically used for metallic wire work. So, whenever you are buying a needle for zardosi embroidery, you need to make sure that it passes through your metallic wire. You put the thread in the tail of needle and then pass the needle through the metallic wire before making a design on the fabric. Mostly you tie the knot at the behind of the fabric. Also, can be used with threads to do 3D embroidery, the price is Rs25 for pack of 15 needles. Most sewing needles can be used for zarodsi work.

To view how to use zarodis needle with metallic wire, please click on the below link


Punch Needle:- This needle is specially used on weavers cloth. Never use punch needle on any kind of stretch fabric, it will run your design. You use different quality of threads, floss etc with this needle to do 3D embroidery on a pre printed design fabric. Because of the cross-stitch fabric the designs look like made with square boxes. It’s for Rs399/Hook.

Crochet needle:- in all the above needles, you make your design on a fabric but this is one needle with which you can create your own fabric. Usually wool, cotton thick threads are used with this needle. The cost is Rs140 for a packet of 5 needles.

Beading Needle:- The best beading needle will have a very easy way to put a thread to it and it will pass through any size of beads. Rs75/Needle. These needles are largely used in making beads jewelry.

These are various types of embroidery needles. If you want to buy any needle or other embroidery tools, you can visit embroiderymaterial.com where you can find all these needles and all embroidery tools at wholesale prices

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When you are making any jewelry item, the best thing you can do is use jewelry chain in them. Jewelry chains are the loveliest jewelry making materials. There are various chains which can be used for making beautiful jewelry items. You can get amazing chains at our online store. In this blog, we will discuss the various chains available and difference among them so that you can choose the right one for your project.

1) Ball Chain: This chain is made by linking various small metal balls together at an equal interval. There is one version of this chain that has a faceted diamond cut which makes them extremely shiny. You can find beautiful ball chains in various colors and different sizes. They are perfect for making fashion jewelry, decorating paintings and other craft projects.

2) Bar Ball Chain: These jewelry making supplies are same as ball chain but they have bars linked in between the balls at an equal interval. This chain has more definition and texture. It can be used for making various jewelry items.

3) Designer Metal Chains: There are some amazing styles available in this section which can be used for both men and women jewelry. They can be used for making necklaces, bracelets, anklets. They can even be used for adorning jackets, jeans, etc.

4) Beads Chain: These are the perfect chains for jewelry making. These are wire wrapped chains with beads in between. They can surely make your designs thrive and make them look much more beautiful.

5) Rondelle Chain: In these chains, rondelle beads have been used for making the chains. These beautiful beads have a faceted surface which reflects a lot of light making them extremely shiny.

6) Pearls Chain: These are the most beautiful jewelry making the material. These can be used in so many places be it jewelry or any craft project. These can simply be used in making various jewelry items, all you need is clasp and jump rings and you are good to go.

So, this was all about various types of jewelry chains that you can find online.

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Jewelry designer put their heart into designing a single jewelry piece and it is so important for them to choose the right jewelry supplies so that their heartful efforts can show in their creation. So, if you are a jewelry designer and want the best results while making your jewelry pieces then you must always use the best quality supplies. And where else you will get the best jewellery making materials other than our online store.

A) Jewelry Component:

There are various jewelry components that can be used for making necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets and other jewelry items. Let’s discuss them all one by one:

1) Charms:

These are beautiful pieces that can be used for making various jewelry items and help in refining the designs. They are also known for adding dimension to any design. You can find pom pom charms, crystal charms and metal charms for jewelry making. They are surely going to make your designs interesting. There are so many designs and patterns available in them. You are going to love how your designs will turn out to be after their use.

2) Pendant:

You can find chili pendant and crystal pendant at attractive prices. These jewelry pendants can be used for making beautiful necklaces and earrings. You can choose from various colors and give your designs a magical look. You can also find colourful tassels necklaces.

3) Filigree Stampings:

These beautiful pieces come in various patterns and designs and can be used for making various fashion jewelry items.

4) Bezel Connector:

These are small links that can be used for connecting and elongating various jewelry designs.

B) Jewelry Findings:

This category consists of various jewelry findings that can be used for completing any piece. This category consists of jump rings, earring post, head pins, eye pins, clasps, earring hooks, and more. No jewelry item is complete without jewelry findings so, it is always good to add them your collection as they always come handy. There are various styles that are available in this which can give you a lot of options to play and experiment with your designs. Different types of clasps can give you different-different look. Hence, you can have fun with them while making your jewelry piece.

So, this was all about the various jewelry making supplies available online. Let me know in the comments below which material you like the most and what are you going to make it with them.

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If you are looking for a bead that is perfect for precise embroidery and jewelry work then this article is for you. There are many beads that are used for doing precise work. However, delica beads is the one that stands out. First, let’s know what delica bead is. Delica Beads are small glass beads that have a tube shape. They most have a hexagon cut which gives them added shine. They come in various beautiful colors and gorgeous finishes which is going to make your designs even more beautiful. Whether it is an embroidery, craft or jewelry project, you can use them for all. They come in handy for beaders. Available in various sizes, they give you opportunity to mix and match and let your imagination go wild. In India, these beautiful beads are famous as Cutdana. They come in different brand so sometimes it gets a little confusing to choose the best for your project. So, let’s discuss about various brands of Delica Beads and difference among them. Let’s get started.

1) Miyuki Delica:

Miyuki Beads are one of the most premium quality beads of all. They come in beautiful hexagon shape and are all even in size. These Japanese hexagon tube beads are highly consistent in size, shape and color. They are first choice of designer because of their uniformity and consistency. Available in various gorgeous colors and beautiful finishes, they can surely make your designs phenomenal. They are perfect for doing embroidery, crafting, and beading. Also, they are one of the most perfect beads for jewelry making.

2) Toho Hex 2 Cut:

These are other premium quality Japanese beads. Toho beads are highly consistent in shape, color, size and finish. You can find them in beautiful colors and gorgeous finishes. They are known for giving professional look to designs; hence they are loved by designers. These are the most uniform beads of all and are used for making high fashion jewelry items and couture embroidery work.

3) MGB 2 Cut:

These are also premium quality beads with high consistency in color size and finish. MGB beads are also known for giving professional look to designs. These are perfect beads for jewelry making. You are going to love how they will make your designs look. They come in alluring colors and finishes which will give your designs definition and professional look.

4) Indian Delica Beads

These indian beads are wholesale beads which are available in numerous colors. If you are not concerned with uniformity then these beads are for you. You can easily mix and match them to create chic jewelry items. Available in various colors these lovely beads gives you a lot of possibilities to experiment and explore.

So, this was all about the various brands of Delica Beads that can get online on your favorite bead store. They are come in various sizes ranging from 15/0 to 11/0.

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When it comes to beaded jewelry there are a whole lot of beads that you can use for making your jewelry item. However, there are some beautiful crystal beads that will always make your jewelry stand out. So, let’s discuss them one by one:

1) Bicone Beads: These beautiful beads are in shape of a bicone and have a beautiful faceted surface. They are perfect for both embroidery and jewelry making. They can totally transform your designs and make them look extremely beautiful. Bicone Swarovski beads are premium quality beads that can make your designs thrive. They are cut in a way that they reflect large amount of light which makes me extremely shiny. I am sure you are going to love how these beads which make your designs look. These are one perfect beads for jewelry making.

2) Cone Beads: These are pretty lovely beads and come in a shape of cone. They can be used like this or you can add them to head pins and get lovely crystal charms. These charms can be added to any jewelry items like necklace, anklets, bracelets or more with the help of jump rings. So, get your hands on these beads.

3) Disco Ball Beads:These gorgeous beads are made with clay and have small crystal chatons embedded on them. These round beads come in gorgeous colors and can make your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings shine. You are going to love how they will enhance your overall look.

4) Rondelle Beads: These faceted beads have an amazing shine. They can surely make your embroidery and jewelry designs stand out. They are really tiny and can be used as spacer beads while making jewelry items. They are must-haves as they can be used for doing various craft projects.

6) Rectangle Tube Beads: These rectangle tube beads can add so much definition to your design. They are ideal for making jewelry items like bracelets, anklets, earrings and necklace. You are going to love the uniqueness they will provide to your design. These are perfect beads for jewelry making.

5) Briolette Beads: These are pear shape beads and are really small in size. They have a length-wise drilled holes that makes it easy to use in any necklace, bracelet, anklet or any other jewelry item. They can also be used as charm, all you need is head pins and a pliers.

So, this was all of crystal beads that are perfect for embroidery and jewelry making. You can buy these crystal beads online at best bead store at wholesale prices. Please do let me know in the comments below which bead you like the most and what you are going to make with it.

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If you are a jewelry designer and love to work with beads then you must be looking beads that are beautiful as well as good in quality. There are many beads that you might have used but just to spice up the things you can try following beads for jewelry making:

1) Superduo Beads

These are two-hole beads that are used for making various types of jewelry item. They can enhance any design and will surely make them unique. This category also has twin beads which are similar to these beads. They can turn out be the best jewelry making material and there is a good chance that you might never get over these.

2) Metal Beads and Pipes

They are quite attractive beads. You can use them as spacers with other beads for making jewelry. Metal pipes and tube beads can help in giving your designs that refinement which will also help to enhance your jewelry designs.

3) Jasper Beads

These beads are extremely beautiful can be used for making gemstone jewelry. These lovely patterned beads will make your jewelry look so much more beautiful. You can mix and match them with other metal beads and get an alluring look. The best thing is you can buy these beads online at best bead store.

4) Kundan Work Beads

These are other amazing beads that are perfect for making traditional jewelry items. You will love how your jewelry will turn out after adding these to your necklace, anklets, bracelets, and earrings. They come in round and rectangle shapes, they can surely give your jewelry an enhanced look. I am sure you are going to love jewelry designs after adding these.

5) Natural Stone Beads

These beautiful beads come in various lovely shapes and patterns. They will give your designs a new tweak and definition. You are going to love how your designs will turn out after using them.

6) Ceramic Beads

These lovely color beads are perfect for making summer jewelry. The vibrant colors and vivid hues will surely make your designs outstanding. The multi color beads will surely add definition to your designs. You can find them in two shapes, round and tube.

7) Peanut Beads

These are the most unique beads by Preciosa, also known as Preciosa Farfalle Beads. They can make your jewelry unique. When used together interlinks them and make a unique patter which is extremely gorgeous. They come in various beautiful colors and can surely enhance your jewelry design.

So, this was all about some these unique beads that you can buy on your favorite bead store. There, you can find a wide range of other beads for jewelry making, crafting, embroidery and beads. Let me know in the comments below which bead is your favorite and where you are going to use it.

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Are you searching for a perfect bead for your jewelry making project and want to add beauty to your designs then you are at the right place. There are so many varieties of beads available that it becomes really difficult to choose the right one that will perfectly fit the design. I am going to talk only about beads for jewelry making and beads for beading. These beads can be amazing when used for various items like necklaces, anklets and bracelets. So, let’s explore them one by one:

(1) Spacer beads: These beautiful beads are perfect when you want to highlight your focal bead or fill in the spaces between your designs. They can come extremely handy when you want to lengthen your design or you want to add a bead that is unique enough to catch anyone’s attention.

(2) Pearls: Pearls are another most perfect bead for jewelry making. You can find both glass pearls and crystal pearls at pearls online store. They are perfect for making jewelry items like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.

(3) Crystal Beads: This section comprises of a wide collection of beautiful beads that are used for adding texture to your jewelry design. From Swarovski Bicone beads to crystal rondelle beads, you can find them various lovely colors and shapes.

(4) Seed Beads: These small glass beads look like a little drop of heaven and can be used for making lovely patterns and stylish designs. They are available by various brands like Miyuki and Preciosa.

(5) Delica Beads: These are small tubular beads that can make your designs outstanding. You can easily use them in your jewelry designs. They can surely make your designs charming. They are available in various brands like Miyuki, Preciosa, and Toho.

(6) Bugle Beads: These beads come in various different shapes and sizes. They can be used in many different ways for adding definition to your designs. They are available in Miyuki and MGB brand.

(7) Jasper Beads: These are the most beautiful patterned beads. They are derived from Jasper gemstone and can be used for making necklaces and bracelets.

(8) Ceramic Beads: These are another set of beads that are perfect for making colorful jewelry items. You can find multi color beads in different shapes.

(9) Natural Stone Beads: Well, in this category you will find beads in a very different pattern and shapes. They are perfect if you want give a bohemian look to your jewelry designs.

(10) Peanut and Superduo Beads: Superduo beads have two holes can be used for making unique jewelry items. Peanut beads are in the shape of a peanut and when used together they form a beautiful interlinking pattern that can surely give your designs a new look.

So, this was all about various beads for jewelry making. You can buy all type of beads from best online bead store. I hope now you will be able to choose the right bead for your design. Let me know in the comments below which bead you like the most and where you are going to use it.

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Acrylic Beads and stones have great significance in embroidery. Embellishments have been used for adorning designs for a long period of time. They have always been admired and can really transform your designs. Their multi faceted surface makes them extremely beautiful and shiny. So, let’s talk about various types of acrylic stones available:

1) Sew-on Rhinestone: This category consists of two types of rhinestones, one with the catcher and other without the catcher. So, let’s explore them one by one.

a) Without Catcher: This category consists of flat back stones that have holes in them. You can easily sew these acrylic bead stones on any fabric. They are always sewn. However, if you want you can easily glue them to any surface with the help of glue. They are extremely beautiful and can be used for embellishing apparels, bags, footwear and more. These rhinestone can be used for making various beautiful pattern and designs.

b) With Catcher/ Mount: This category consists of stones that are placed on a brass catcher that has holes for sewing. Ideally, the stone has pointed back so it is placed on the catcher that has holes for sewing. These catchers add beauty to the entire stone and making it look more charming. You can find them in various beautiful shapes and lovely colors.

2) Non Hotfix Rhinestones: These are flat back rhinestones that can be easily glued on with the help of fabric glue. These are very easy to use and can be pasted on any surface. You can use them for embroidery, crafting and jewelry making. The way these rhinestones will add sparkle to your designs will make them.

So, this was all about various acrylic rhinestones available online. You can buy them all online at best embellishments store.

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Glass beads are more prominently used in jewelry making. However, there work in embroidery has always been significant. The precise, highly detailed work or even a touch of these beads can totally transform your designs.

So, in this blog, we are going to discuss various glass beads and where they are used in embroidery.

(1) Seed Beads: These small round beads are the most used among all. They provide definition to any design. You can do detailed work or a little touch up of your design with them. They can totally transform your designs. With that, they can truly refine your designs. They are easily paired with sequins.

There are various sizes available in them from 15/0 to 6/0.

(2) Delica Beads:These cutdana beads are used for doing detailed embroidery work. Their work can easily transform any design. You can see their precise work on lehenga, salwar kameez and more. So, it makes them perfect beads for lehenga, salwar kameez, sherwani, and other apparel’s embellishment.

Whether you are from Chennai, Mumbai or you are from Europe or America, you can get these beads from your favorite online bead store.

(3) Bugle Beads: Small bugle beads can be used for doing detailed embroidery work and for making flower buds when paired with seed beads. Big Nalki bugle beads are used for giving fringes look to any dress or lace. You might have seen fringes on blouses, sarees. Well! Those are actually these bugle beads.

(4) Glass Pearls: These are beautiful pearls that can totally transform your embroidery design. Available in beautiful colors, you can choose the right one from the various sizes available. Some of the glass pearls have beautiful solid color while others have a charming dual color wave effect.

So, these were some of the uses of glass beads in embroidery. These are perfect beads for jewelry making, crafting and embroidery. You can also use for jewelry making or craft work. Their varied uses make them must-haves. You can get them all at wholesale prices only on best bead store. Let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite and where you are going to use them.

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Who isn’t familiar with the creative work of Shisha Mirrors? Their work is famous in Rajasthani and Gujarati dresses and can mesmerize anyone. They are also used by renowned designers for making beautiful designs on lehenga. In this blog, we will discuss various uses of Shisha Mirror. So, let’s get started.

1) Traditional Wear:

You can find their mesmerizing work on various Indian traditional wears like lehenga, salwar kameez, chaniya choli, dupatta, etc. These embroidery supplies are known to add shine and elegance to any design. During the Navratri in Rajasthan and Gujarat, men and women dress in traditional outfits embellished with Shisha Mirror. The sight of it is a treat to the eyes. Their work can also be seen in the traditional banjara mirror embroidery.

Learn how to stitch mirror here

2) Wall Hanging:

These craft mirrors are used for making a wall hanging. You can create beautiful patterns and designs using these shisha mirrors. They have been used for decoration since the Mughal period and still are used as home décor. You can find small mirrors for craft here.

3) Clutches:

You can embellish your bags and clutches easily with them. Various patterns can be created using beads, sequins, threads and shisha mirror. These types of embellished clutches perfectly go with traditional wear.

They are most versatile craft supplies; you can also use them in kids’ craft.

4) Bags and Purse:

Similar to clutches, you embellish your bags and purse with them. They can add shine and make your bags and purse look more artistry. If you are wondering where you can find Shish mirror for crafts online you can w we have got you covered. We have round, square, drop shape shisha mirror. Please let me know in the comment below where you are going to use them.

5) Footwear:

Another interesting use those in footwear. You can try your hands on these. As they look phenomenal when used for embellishing footwear.

So, these were a few uses of Shisha Mirror. If you are wondering where you can buy Shisha mirrors at wholesale prices then you can visit best online craft supplies store. There you will them in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Foil mirrors and Acrylic Mirrors are also available at wholesale prices.