4 months ago

When you are making any jewelry item, one thing that always comes handy is spacer beads. They are the solution to when you want to highlight a particular bead in your designs or you are in doubt or confused about how to finish your jewelry item. These metal beads can do a lot to your jewelry design and it’s always a good idea to stack some of these up. In this blog, I will share with you various types of spacer beads which you must add to your jewelry collection today.

(1) Pipe and Tube Beads: If you like jewelry with fringes or if you want big gaps between your beads then you can try these pipe or tube beads. These metal beads available in three beautiful colors and they can totally transform your designs. You can easily add texture to your seed beads with them.

(2) Crystal Rondelle: These Rhinestone beads can make your designs super beautiful. Pairing them with Swarovski Bicones and Swarovski Pearls can add so much beauty to your designs. They are available in gorgeous colors and trust me your jewelry will get a new twist once you start using them.

(3) Shape Beads: These you can find in various lovely shapes that can totally work as a focal bead in the jewelry item when only a single piece is used. Using multiple pieces can also make your designs speak for themselves. Some of the shapes that are available on are Buddha head, elephant, butterfly, turtle and more. I am sure once you start using them, you won’t be able to stop. These are one perfect beads for jewelry making.

(4) Other Beads: In this section you can find spikes, round, drum and other beautiful beads with different shapes and styles. You can use them as spacer or make your complete jewelry with them.

If you are wondering where you can buy these lovely spacer beads online then you can visit your favorite bead store and get these beading supplies at best prices.

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