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There are various jewelry findings that a jewelry designer must add to their collection. These jewelry findings will always come handy no matter what type of jewelry you are planning to make. Today we are going to learn more about must-have jewelry making materials:

1) Crimp Beads: Crimp Beads are really small beads that are used for securing your jewelry design into place. These crimp beads are made of metal and have very thin walls which makes it easy to squeeze them into place. You can use chain nose pliers or flat nose pliers to squeeze them. These are perfect for stringing and beading projects. They secure your jewelry into place.

2) Eye Pins: Eye pins are used for making beaded link. These pins have loop on one side and other side is open. You can easily slide a bead on one side and make a loop with round nose plier to make a beaded link. This link can easily be used for making necklace, bracelets, earrings etc.

3) Head Pins: Head Pins have a flat round stopover at one end and another end is open. They are perfect when you want to end the link and give that hanging/dangling effect to your design. These can be used for making pendant and charm, for that all you have to do is add a bead in the head pin and create a loop at the open end. Now, with the help of jump ring add it anywhere.

4) Jump Rings: Jump rings are used for adding charms, beaded links, chains, clasps, etc. to the jewelry design. They are available in various sizes so you can choose the right size for you design. They are perfect for creating dangling effect for your design. They are available in two colors, gold and silver.

5) Clasp: The most important jewelry finding of all is clasps. It makes your jewelry wearable and secures your whole design into place. There are various types of clasps like lobster clasp, ring clasp, spring clasp and more.

So, this was all about various types of jewelry making supplies a jewelry designer must own. You can buy jewelry findings online at embroiderymaterial.com.

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Sequins have been used for embellishment since ages. They are also used for decorating DIY craft projects. When it comes to adding shimmer and shine to any project sequins is the first choice. Designers use them to add uniqueness to their creations. There are a few sequins that are very popular among designers all over the world. Today, we are going to discuss more about popular sequins and where you can buy them online:

1) Gold Sequin: When it comes to couture and wedding wear, gold sequins are the first choice. They not only add shine but also gives classy look to the outfit. You can use these sewing sequins for the embellishment saree, lehenga, gowns, etc.

2) Silver Sequins: Other most popular color in sequins is silver sequins. The work of sequins can spruce up any outfit. Indo-western attires, silhouettes, etc. can be made perfect for any occasion by the work of these little glittery pieces. You can easily decorate footwear, bags, purse, clutches, and diy projects with them.

3) Reversible Sequin: These top-hole sequins when stitched can be easily flipped. These sequins have one color on front side and other color on the back side of the sequins. When stitched together in a line, these glittery pieces will create an amazing reversible effect as shown in the image below. At embroiderymaterial.com, you can find them in many beautiful colors and gorgeous finishes.

4) Black Sequins: Another color that is popular is sequins is black. The work of black sequins on sarees, dresses, etc. can make them look extraordinary and classy. At embroiderymaterial.com, you can find them in so many beautiful shapes like round, square, etc.

So, this was all about most popular sequins.

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Buttons are small fasteners that are used for fastening two pieces of fabric together. They are perfect for embellishment and decoration of garments, DIY craft projects, etc. You can find them in various materials like seashells, metal, wood, crystal, etc. They can easily be used for the adornment of garments, purse, bags, footwear, wallets, etc. You can easily buy buttons online in India at embroiderymaterial.com. Today we are going to discuss various types of blogs online:

1) Wooden Buttons: These wooden buttons are perfect for adding uniqueness to your embroidery work. These coconut shell buttons are eco-friendly and are available in double hole and four-hole options. The beautiful shades natural brown makes them look uniquely charming. If you are looking for kurta buttons then you can easily go for these. They can be used for doing DIY craft like scrapbooking, making wall hanging, adorning art project, etc. The price of these starts from INR 49.

2) MOP Buttons: MOP buttons, also known as Mother of Pearl Buttons are made from seashells. Their unique pattern makes them so desirable. At embroiderymaterial.com you can buy them in various shapes like square, heart, fish, flower, etc. They are available in different sizes and colors so you can easily choose the one you want as per your requirement. The price of these starts from INR 49.

3) Swarovski Buttons: If you love to add shine and shimmer with elegance to your creations then you can easily go for Swarovski crystal buttons. Swarovski buttons are extremely beautiful pieces that can add classy look to your designs. They are perfect for coats, suits, kurta, upholstery, etc. You can find them in many gorgeous colors and different shapes.

4) Snap Buttons: Snap button, also known as Snap Fasteners are made from two small circular discs that get interlocked when snapped. They are perfect for baby wear and in clothing items where you want to hide buttons. When sewed properly, these are one of the quickest ways to fasten two pieces of fabric. These metal buttons are available in two different colors and many different sizes which will surely fit your requirement.

So, this was about different types of buttons that you can buy online.

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With the fast-changing trends in fashion industry, it is important to stay updated. In this blog, we are going to find about various jewelry beads that are trending this season:

1) Natural Stone Beads: You will find these stones in various colourful patterns and designs. You can easily mix and match these to create beautiful jewelry items.

2) Ceramic Beads: You will find these in many beautiful colors and two shapes, round and tube. They are used for making kid’s jewelry and doing craft work.

3) Metal Beads and Pipes: These tube beads are perfect for making any jewelry item. They can easily work as spacer beads too. They will add uniqueness and charm to your jewelry designs. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, etc. can easily be created with them. They are must-have beads for jewelry making.

4) Superduo Beads: Superduo beads also known as twin beads are small beads with bugling centre and two holes. These beads are used for creating unique designs and will surely provide charming effect to your jewelry.

5) Jasper Beads: These beautiful gemstone beads will give your jewelry designs a unique charm. The patterns and designs on each bead are unique. They are perfect for making bracelets, necklace, anklets, and earrings.

5) Peanut Beads: These peanut beads interlock each other when used for making any jewelry item. They are most beautiful and unique bead that you can use to create your jewelry items with.

6) Kundan Work Beads: These beautiful beads have lovely work on kundan on them. You can find them in two different shapes, rectangle and round. They are perfect for jewelry making. You can add them to necklaces, bracelets, anklets earrings and more. They are going to give your designs traditional look.

I hope you found this helpful. These wholesale beads are must add to your collection. You can buy jewelry beads online at wholesale prices only on embroiderymaterial.com.

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Seed Beads are small round beads that have versatile uses in embroidery, jewelry making and crafting. These beads have their own uniqueness and charm that is why they have been used a lot in fashion industry. However, their use is not limited to only fashion industry. They can be seen numerous lifestyle items and craft work.

What makes seed glass beads more desirable is the variety available in them. You can easily find them in so many gorgeous colors that will not only match your needs but also add charm to your designs. The different sizes available in these will make sure that you find the right size of bead every time you decide to make something.

The other thing that holds a large importance with these glass beads is brand. It is important to choose the right brand for your project. There are various brands like Miyuki and Preciosa that offer high quality beads. Miyuki seed beads are the premium quality beads for jewelry making and embroidery. They are highly consistent in size, color and finish. Preciosa beads, also known as Czech Beads are another high-quality bead that are loved by designers all over the world. You are going to love the way they will make your jewelry design look. From small beads to large beads, you can find them all in Preciosa. Next comes Indian Beads. These wholesale beads are consistent in color, but inconsistent in size. They are perfect for getting bohemian look.

You can easily buy seed beads online at best prices on embroiderymaterial.com. You can get best offers and amazing deals every time you make a purchase.

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Having a hobby comes with a lot of benefits, it not only encourages you to explore your talents but also is a great stress reliever. Embroidery and Jewelry making are two most popular hobbies practiced by people all around the world. For beginners it is sometimes not easy to choose the right material when they are starting to learn embroidery or jewelry making. So, we have brought to you a collection of embroidery and jewelry DIY kits at best prices only on embroiderymaterial.com. In this blog, we are going to discuss them one by one:

1) Beginner’s Embroidery Kits: This kit contains all the items that you are going need when you are starting with embroidery. This kit has sewing needles, aari needles, embroidery floss, zari thread, embroidery hoop, fabric, pinned designs, French wire, sequins, beads, and more. These all material must-have for all embroidery beginners. This all in one embroidery kit is loved by people all around the world and is priced at INR 499 only.

2) Hand Embroidery Tutorial Kit: This kit is designed for people who wants to learn thread embroidery. This kit will teach you six different embroidery stitches with pictures and well written instructions. In this kit you will find all the material that you will require to create this beautiful design. From embroidery frame, needles, cutter, embroidery thread, to measurement tape, fabric, you will find it all in this kit. This jewelry making kit is priced at INR 400 only.

3) Jewelry Making Kit with 23 Styles: This kit is specially designed for jewelry designers. This kit contains all the jewelry finding that a beginner or expert may need to design a jewelry piece. In this kit you will find head pins, ball pins, eye pins, clasps, crimps, jump rings, earring posts, earring hooks, etc. These are available in two colors gold and silver. This kit is priced at INR 299.

So, this was all about different kits that are available on embroiderymaterial.com. We will soon be launching other kits like craft kits, art kits, bracelet making kit, earing making kit, and silk thread jewellery making kit.

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Needle are one the most important tool when it comes to embroidery be it any project with light or defined work. There are various types of Pony Needles that you can find online but it is important to know each of their purposes so that you can easily choose the right one for your project. In this blog, we are going to discuss different types of pony embroidery needle that you must own:

1) Sharps/Milliner: This is the thinnest needle among all the sewing needles. It has a long shaft but a really small round eye which sometimes makes it difficult to thread (if the needle is really small). The size of these needles ranges from 1 to 12. Size 1 being the largest and size 12 being the smallest. You can use these needles to create stitches like French knot, drizzle stitch and bullion stitch.

2) Crewel Needle:Crewel Needles have oval-shaped eye which is comparatively bigger than milliner’s eye that it makes it easy to thread them. They also come in 12 sizes. These are mainly used for doing adornment on fabrics with sequins, beads, French wire, rhinestones, etc.

Size 4 and 5 needles are used for doing thread embroidery. The size of the eye of this needle makes it easy to work with embroidery floss like anchor embroidery thread.

3) Chenille: This is one thick needle with sharp tip and long bulging eye. They are perfect when you are working with thick threads.

4) Tapestry Needle: These are same as Chenille but instead of sharp tip they have blunt tip. They are used for doing needle point and cross-stitching embroidery.

5) Betweens / Quilting Needles: When you want to achieve even stitches, you can use these small needles. They have a sharp tip which to pass through tightly woven weaved fabric.

6) Darners: If you are looking for a long to do darning work then these needles are perfect for it.

7) Beading Needle: Keeping in mind beader’s need pony has made three sizes in beading needles 10, 11, and 12. If you’re a beader, you can definitely go for these needles.

8) Crochet Hook: These crochet hooks will make your crochet work easy and effortless.

So, this was all about different types pony needles you can find online on embroiderymaterial.com. These pony needles plays important role in embroidery tools.

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If you are looking for something easy and shiny to add to you traditional outfits then you can go for gota lace. These gota borders are used for adding definition to any outfit. You can easily transform your designs by adding these shiny laces to the borders of any dress be it a saree, suit, lehenga or any baby wear.

You can prominently see the gota work on Rajasthani dresses. These are available various beautiful colors and different sizes. You can find them in two types on your favourite embroidery store embroiderymaterial.com. Let’s discuss them one by one:

1) Plain Gota Lace: This is the basic type of gota lace you can find online. They come in various sizes so you can choose the lace with the thickness you want. You also get to choose from various beautiful colors. This one can be used in craft projects. You are going to love how this will make your designs shine.

2) Patterned Gota Lace: These are unique as they have floral designs embedded on them. These are very different from plain laces and have charm of their own. The colors available in these are extremely gorgeous. I am sure you are going to love the beauty and uniqueness these border laces will provide your design.

3) Crinkled Gota Lace: This is the most beautiful and versatile type of gota lace. You can easily use this lace in embroidery, jewelry and craft projects. They can be easily used for decoration and embellishment. These can transform simple outfits into shiny and alluring attire.

This was all about various types gota laces online that you can find on embroiderymaterial.com at wholesale prices.

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When it comes to embellishment there are various products that can be used for doing the work. You can easily go for various products but if you are looking for something that will make you stand out and give you a hip-hop kind of look then you can go for Studs and Spikes. These beautiful pieces can totally transform your designs. They not only add charm but also add uniqueness to your designs.

In this blog, we are going to talk about various types of studs and spikes you can find online and how you can use them for adorning your projects.

1) Sew on Stud: At embroiderymaterial.com, you will find a large collection of studs that can be easily sewn on any fabric. You can easily sew them on any top, skirt, jeans, jackets, blouse, bags, footwear etc. They are one of the easiest ways to add dimension to your project. You are going to love how these lovely pieces will transform your designs.

2) Hotfix Studs: These pieces have glue set at their back so when you want to add these pieces to your design, you just need to place them at where you want them to be fixed. Then with hotfix applicator just apply heat on it. The glue will melt and form a bond with the fabric. These metal studs come in various funky shapes and patterns and I am sure you are going to love how these will make your jackets, caps, bags, footwear, jeans, etc. stand out.

So, this was all about various types studs and spikes. You can buy studs and spikes online on embroideymaterial.com.

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When it comes to embroidery and jewelry making beads play an important role. Beads are perfect for adding definition to any project be it a simple earring or a heavy embroidered lehenga. Today we are going to talk about the most famous type of bead which is extremely versatile and used by designers in their creations. The bead I am talking about is Miyuki 2 cut bead. It is one of the most premium quality beads manufactured by Miyuki in Japan. The consistency of color, size, and finish will amaze you. You can easily buy Miyuki 2 cut beads online on embroiderymaterial.com at best prices.

Miyuki beads are first choice of designers when they want to design a masterpiece. Renowned designers from all over the world love to use these Japanese beads in their designs. In India, Miyuki 2 cut beads are famous as cutdana and are widely used for embellishing wedding attires like lehenga, saree, and more. These 2 cut beads are also famous as cylinder beads.

The way these beads will change your design will amaze you. The 2-cut design makes sure that your bead shine from every angle by reflecting a large amount if light. Different finishes will add different-different effects in your design.

These are perfect beads for jewelry making.