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Failure analysis is the technique of analyzing the cause of component failure in equipments. It is used by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) during the manufacturing process and also used during the service and maintenance of devices. The failure analysis can be performed by both, physical as well as chemical methodology. It is an engineering technique for “why and how” analysis of the equipment failure.

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Based on product type, the global failure analysis equipment market is divided into transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, dual beam system and focused ion beam system. Based on end users of failure analysis equipment, the market is divided as semiconductors manufacturing, bio medical and life sciences, fiber optics, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, metallurgy and polymers. And on the basis of technology, the failure analysis market is segmented as focused ion beam, secondary ion mass spectroscopy, broad ion milling, reactive ion etching, chemical mechanical planarization and energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy.

The failure analysis market is driven by various factors including, increasing demand for failure analysis equipment from wireless communication and electronics manufacturing industries as the predominant driver. The ever decreasing size and complicated circuit design requirement of semiconductor and embedded system has led to wide acceptance of failure analysis equipment during the development process of integrated circuits (ICs). Moreover, the demand from other manufacturing industries such as oil and gases and mining is boosting the market of failure analysis equipment.

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The speculation regarding the efficiency of the failure analysis equipment is acting as one of the major challenge for the industry. Moreover, the high price of failure analysis equipment is restricting the wide adoption of these, especially by the cost sensitive small and medium scale industries in Asia-Pacific region.

Asia-Pacific is the largest market for failure analysis attributed to the high concentration of semiconductor industries in countries such as Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea and India. It is then followed by North America and Europe. The growth is still highest in Asia-Pacific and it is expected that market will experience a double digit growth in this region during the forecasted period.

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Some of the major competitors in the global failure analysis market are A&D Co. Ltd, Carl Zeiss, FEI Company, Hitachi High-Technologies, JEOL Ltd. and Axcelis Technologies Inc.

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A robot is an electro-mechanical machine guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry. Robots have thoughts of their own and they may convey a sense of intelligence by automating movements or by mimicking a lifelike appearance. Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the construction, design, operation, and application of robots, as well as computer systems for their sensory feedback and control. Robots are human mimicked machines designed to carry out a variety of actions and physical tasks. They may not completely resemble humans or perform tasks in humanly manner, but they are very efficient in replacing human efforts.

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The consumer robotics market can be segmented based on end-use, industry verticals, components, and geography. Based on end-use, the market can be divided into task robots, surveillance robots, entertainment robots, security robots, educational robots and personal robots. Based on industry verticals, the market can be divided into educational robotics kits, consumer robotics segment, tele-presence robots, UAVs, industrial robotics and healthcare robotics.

Based on components, the market can be divided into processors, communications technologies, software, microcontrollers, displays, cameras, actuators, power supplies, sensors, manipulators, mobile robots, mobile platforms, wheels, legs, hopping, ball, walking and other mobility options outdoor land locomotion, outdoor water locomotion, locomotion for flying through the air.

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The major trends that have supported the development of consumer robotics market on a large scale include advancements in navigation systems, artificial intelligence, ubiquity of the internet and rise of hand-held computing devices. The increase in the number of hand held computing devices such as smart phones, tablets and smart watches has made it easier to develop robots for consumer and office applications. Mobile devices offer users the opportunity to outsource computing to companion devices by allowing developers to produce application controlled robots at accessible price.

Reluctance of substituting manual labor with service robots in traditional field operations is the biggest challenge for the growth of robotics market. The high price of robots is another major restraint for consumer robotics market. The consumer robotics market, being in nascent phase, demands high price for key technologies that power object manipulation and robot mobility. The physical appearance of robots is another hindrance for the consumer robotics market as many people do not feel comfortable with the “not so appealing” humanoid appearance of robots. Although the consumer robotics market is growing, inaccuracies caused by human intervention and safety concerns in their operation discourage people to use them.

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Some of the major companies operating in the consumer robotics market are Intuitive Surgical Inc., Honda Motors Company Ltd., iRobot Corporation, Google Inc., and MAKO Surgical Corporation.

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Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) is an advanced position detection technique. It is used in measurement of accurate and precise positions of physical objects. In LiDAR technology, a guided laser beam is used to locate the accurate position of an object to the scanner of the LiDAR system.

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Based on product type, the Light detection and ranging market is segmented as airborne LIDAR, terrestrial LIDAR, mobile LIDAR, and short range LIDAR. On the basis of applications, the market is segmented as government, civil engineering, military, defence, and aerospace, corridor mapping, topographical surveys, volumetric mapping, and other applications. Based on components of LIDAR, the market can be segmented as inertial navigation system, laser diode, GPS/GNSS receiver, camera, mems mirror and others.

One of the predominant drivers of the global LIDAR market particularly in civil engineering and aviation applications is performance benefits offered by LIDAR system over photogrammetric or survey methods. The surge in infrastructural projects in developing countries such as China, Brazil, and India is also boosting the global LiDAR market.

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The growing application of light detection and ranging (LiDAR) based mobile mapping technology in civil survey and construction industry is expected to provide new market opportunity for the LiDAR market during the forecasted period.

North America is the largest market of LiDAR followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. The market dominance of North America is attributed to wide use of LiDAR system in commercial and defence aviation sectors. Asia-Pacific is the fasted growing market of LiDAR system, owing to the increasing demand of the LiDAR system from the civil construction and mining industries. Also, the increasing defence budget of developing countries, such as China and India, is further boosting the market of LiDAR system in this region.

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Some of the major competitors in the global LiDAR market are Airborne Hydrography Ab, Digitalworld Mapping, Trimble Navigation Limited, Aerometric, Firmatek, IGI MBH, Leica Geosystems, Optech, Raymetrics, and Avent Lidar Technology.

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Medical electronic refer to a certain class of electronic instruments and equipments used particularly for medical applications such as diagnosis, research, therapy, anaesthesia control, surgery and cardiac control. Medical electronic devices are widely use in the health-related diagnosis by merging biology and medicine science with electronics theories, principal and practices.

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The global medical electronic market is driven by the number of factors. Increasing global population and growing lifestyle diseases has led to requirement of advanced and fast healthcare services which in turn increases adoption of electronics in the treatment procedure. Increasing urbanization and improving healthcare infrastructure, particularly in the developing countries of Asia Pacific, is expected to drive the growth of the market in double digit during the forecasted period. The medical electronics in the developed countries is driven by the growing adoption of radiation therapy in disease treatment & diagnosis.

The growing medical tourism particularly in developing countries of Asia Pacific, coupled with increasing adoption of wearable electronics for health and fitness in healthcare industry, is expected to provide new market opportunities for advanced and sophisticated medical electronics devices during the forecasted period. However, the stringent government norms and standards coupled with high maintenance and refurbishment cost of these devices are acting as major challenges for the medical electronics market.

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North America is by far the largest market of medical electronics followed by Europe and Asia Pacific. About 15% of the total GDP (gross domestic product) of North America comprises of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Asia-Pacific is the fasted growing market of medical electronics and the market is expected to grow in double digit during the forecasted period, attributed to the surging urbanisation in developing countries such as India and China. Moreover, the growing per capita income and rising demand for advanced healthcare services in this region is boosting the market of medical electronics.

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Some of the major competitors in the global medical electronics market are Analog Devices Inc., Philips N.V., Siemens Ag, Texas Instruments, Tekscan, Inc., Renesas Electronics Corporation, On Semiconductor Corporation, GE Healthcare, Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc., Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, STMicroelectronics N.V. and Maxim Integrated.

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A photometer is an electronics instrument used in the measurement of light intensity or for analysis of optical properties of various liquid and solid materials. Photometers are used in measurement of light irradiance, scattering of light, light absorption, reflection of light, phosphorescence, fluorescence, and light luminescence. Calorimeter is a device used for calorimetry, the science of measuring the heat of chemical reactions or physical changes, as well as heat capacity.

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Based on equipment types, the global photometer market can be segmented into microscope photometer, multiwave photometer (including multi-wave fibre optic photometer, multi-wave ultraviolet photometer and multi-wave infrared photometer), microplate photometer, flame photometer, portable photometer and others. On the basis of calorimeter equipment type, the market can be bifurcated as accelerated rate calorimeter, bomb calorimeter, coffee cup calorimeter, differential scanning calorimeter, reaction calorimeter, micro calorimeter and others.

Based on applications of photometer and calorimeter market, the global market can be can be divided into aerospace, automotive, biomedical, process industry (including water & waste water, chemical, food and beverages and oil & gas), research and others.

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The most dominant driver of the photometer and calorimeter market is growing demand for innovative, advanced and high performance products. The growth of allied industries such as water and waste water treatment and oil and gas industry in economically growing countries of Asia-Pacific is driving the demand of photometer and calorimeter in this region.

North America is the largest market of the photometer and calorimeter followed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. The market dominance of North America is attributed to high concentration of water and waste water treatment plants across U.S. and Canada. The high share of oil and gas industries in Gulf of Mexico is expected to keep the photometer and calorimeter demand higher over the forecasted period. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market of photometer and calorimeter. The rising market in this region is mainly attributed to the increasing demand from water and waste water treatment plant in the developing countries such as China and India.

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Some of the major competitors in the global photometer and calorimeter market are ABB Ltd., Hanna Instruments Inc., PARR Instrument Gooch & Housego Plc., Konica Minolta, Inc., Mettler-Toledo International, Inc., Setaram Instrumentation, Swan Analytische Instrumente AG, Yokogawa Electric Corporation and TA Instruments Inc.

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Ultra-violet (UV) disinfection is one of the most comprehensive, effective, reliable and the safest commercially available disinfection technology. UV light with a precise range of its wavelengths (between 200 and 300 nanometers), are found to be germicidal and capable of deactivating harmful microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria and protozoa.

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The properties of UV light, including environment friendly, highly effective and chemical-free, has contributed to the widespread adoption of UV as a physical disinfectant technology in various water and waste water treatment applications. Various harmful microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria and protozoa, after coming under direct exposure of specific wavelength range of UV light, are reduced and become incompetent of reproduction and infection.

UV light is also useful in treatment of various pathogenic organisms, comprising those responsible for polio, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, viral, bacterial, and other parasitic diseases. In addition, UV light is capable of destroying chemical contaminants, such as industrial solvents, and pesticides, through UV oxidation processes.

Based on applications, the global UV disinfection equipment market

can be segmented into water UV disinfection equipment, air UV disinfection equipment, waste water UV disinfection equipment, food and beverages UV disinfection equipment, and surface UV disinfection equipment. The waste water segment is expected to witness the highest growth during the forecasted period.

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Increasing water originated diseases and inefficiency of chlorine in treatment of harmful microorganism such as cryptosporidium is encouraging consumers to adopt effective and advance disinfection technique such as UV disinfection. Moreover, growing market of healthcare and chemical industries, particularly in Asia Pacific region, is boosting the UV disinfection market particularly in air disinfection and surface disinfection segments of the market. Furthermore UV disinfectant technology is cost effective in long run compared to other disinfection techniques such as chlorine and ozone.

North America is the largest UV disinfection equipment market attributed to increased use of UV disinfection in large number of water and waste water treatment plants, and food and beverage industries. It is then followed by Asia -Pacific and Europe. Asia-Pacific is the fasted growing market of UV disinfection led by the increasing demand from water and waste water treatment plants of developing countries such as China, and India. Japan is one of the largest markets of UV disinfection in Asia-Pacific.

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Some of the major competitors in the global UV disinfection market are XylemInc., Advanced UV Inc., Atlantium Technologies Ltd, Severn Trent Services, Trojan Technologies, Calgon Carbon Corporation, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation, First Light Technologies Inc., Green Water Technologies, Enaqua, and General Electric Lighting.

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The global radio frequency integrated circuits (RFIC) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.7% during 2016-2022. Among the various products, the transceiver segment accounted for largest share in the global radio frequency integrated circuits (RFIC) market in 2015.

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The Wi-Fi product segment is expected to witness a considerable growth during the forecast period. The growing demand for combo RFIC in consumer electronics, including Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and GPS, is expected to boost the growth of the global market during the forecast period. The demand for standalone Bluetooth is mainly expected from automotive, printers, and wireless headsets, owing to the low cost of Bluetooth along with low power consumption of the standalone Bluetooth.

Despite the slow growth, the NFC market has grown over the past few years, owing to their increasing market penetration in Asia-Pacific. Moreover, with the growing smartphone shipments, the NFC market is expected to witness considerable growth during the forecast period. In spite of its technical benefits, the ZigBee technology has not grown as per the market requirement, owing to the non-user friendly design in addition to cost-effective and power efficient substitutes of ZigBee, such as Bluetooth. However, the ZigBee technology is expected to witness growth in the security and surveillance sector during the forecast period.

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The RF Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) segment accounted for small share in the global RFIC market; however, it has grown significantly during the past few years, owing to their wide adoption in the automotive infotainment applications. The growing demand of RFIC in the consumer electronics has led to high volume production of RFICs in the recent years.

From technical point of view, the improvement in sensing capacity, along with reduction in the average cost and package size of the RFICs has led to their wide adoption in the consumer electronics market. The devices, such as smartphone, smart wrist wears and other smart wearable devices have very limited space for surface area and height. Thus, the small and thin package size of RFICs is placed at higher priority by market obligation.

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Some of the major companies operating in the global radio frequency integrated circuits (RFIC) market include, Infineon Technologies AG, Qualcomm Technologies Inc., Renesas Electronics Corporation, Silicon Laboratories, STMicroelectronics N.V., TriQuint Semiconductor, Avango Technologies, and Skyworks Solutions Inc.

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The global structured cabling market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.8% during 2016 – 2022. Among the various products, copper cable contributed highest to the global structured cabling market in 2015. The increasing number of data centers and demand for technologies, such as Wi-Fi, cloud computing and IoT, have been further elevating the need for standardized cabling solutions, such as structured cabling. To meet the escalating demand for structured cabling, the market players in this industry are introducing new products.

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The market for fiber based structured cabling products has been growing at a higher pace as compared to their copper counterparts. The 5e wire category has been observed to be in the declining stage of its life cycle, which is evident from its declining sales in North America and Europe. However, the decline of this market segment is being offset by the category 7 wires.

The unexplored market across the globe, including countries in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa, is creating ample opportunities for the structured cabling market. The increasing number of data centers and demand for high speed internet networks have been spurring the market growth in these regions. Countries such as China, India and Brazil are expected to play a pivotal role in the growth of global structured cabling demand. Structured cabling is used widely in Wi-Fi services. Wi-Fi is expected to account for more than 60% usage of the global mobile data traffic by next five to six years. The demand for Wi-Fi services in developing countries is also expected to shoot up during the coming years, which is consequently expected to offer opportunities for the structured cabling market.

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Structured cabling makes cabling management simple as it can be administered and managed with the involvement of minimum number of staffs. In the current scenario, when every growing organization wants a hassle-free IT infrastructure, the demand for structured cabling has been increasing. It saves cost as well as time of business organizations such as data centers. It is a more organized and standardized approach as compared to patch cords.

The standardization of connectors, copper and fiber cabling further simplifies the planning and implementation of IT networks. The structured cabling standards also define a series of subsystems that facilitate design, installation and operation, and maintenance of IT networks.

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CommScope was the market leader in the global structured cabling market in 2015. The other major companies operating in the global structured cabling market include Corning Inc., Panduit Corp., ABB Ltd, Schneider Electric, Nexans, Belden, and Furukawa Electric.

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The global power electronics market is likely to grow from $12.9 billion in 2015 to $20.0 billion by 2022. Power electronics is used in various industries such as automotive, power & energy, ICT, consumer electronics, and aerospace & defense; however, among these industries, the largest user of power electronics is consumer electronics industry.

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As per the research findings, among the various devices, power discrete has been the largest market. The power modules segment is expected to witness fastest growth in demand during the forecast period. Among the various end-users, the global power electronics market has been generating maximum revenue through the consumer electronics segment.

Geographically, Asia-Pacific has been the largest revenue contributor to the global power electronics market. China has been the largest market in Asia-Pacific, while the U.S. led the North American market. Germany has been the major European market, whereas U.A.E. stood as the largest market in Rest of the World.

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Power density is a prime factor in the PE industry, particularly in high-power applications. For instance, PE devices in electric rail traction drives, wind power generators, inverter systems, and solar power generators use PE devices to increase their operational efficiency. Vendors in the market are investing in R&D to develop devices that work at higher power density levels.

PE devices have several advantages, such as less driving power, simplified circuits, and optimum forward and reverse blocking capabilities, which can enable them to work in higher power densities. Furthermore, compact PE device designs are the ideal choices for usage in high power densities. Thus, the escalation in demand for higher power density in numerous high-power applications is one of the drivers for the growth of the global market.

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Some of the key players in the global market include NXP Semiconductors N.V., Infineon Technologies AG, STMicroelectronics N.V., ON Semiconductor, Vishay Intertechnology Inc., Microsemi Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, Texas Instrumentation Inc., and ABB Ltd.

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The global MEMS foundry outsourcing market is expected to increase from $685.9 million in 2014, and reach $860.4 million in 2020, growing with a CAGR of 3.7% during 2015-2020.

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The global market of MEMS foundry outsourcing is mainly driven by the growth of the fabless business model segment in the MEMS industry. The fabless MEMS players, such as Knowles Electronics, InvenSense Inc., along with Goertek Inc., have witnessed significant growth in their revenue during 2011-2014. The continuously dropping average selling price, emerging new application of MEMS, along with looming adoption of 300mm technologies for MEMS are expected to be the growth drivers for the global MEMS foundry outsourcing market during the forecast period.

The new entrants in the MEMS industry are expected to adopt the fabless business model, in order to compete with the falling profit margins, and reduce the overall economy of scale by eliminating capital investment in tools, design support, and foundry setup and maintenance. This is expected to boost the growth of pure-play MEMS foundries, during the forecast period. Nevertheless, the opportunities still exist for the IDMs especially in the application specific MEMS manufacturing. STMicroelectronics and Sony Corporation are still two of the largest MEMS foundry outsourcing players. Moreover, many integrated MEMS device manufacturers are also expected to offer their foundry services to university groups and new entrants for small volume prototyping.

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The high cost of fabrication, lack of absolute cost advantage, along with low profit margin from economies of scale due to application specific design requirement of MEMS is hindering the growth of the global market of MEMS foundry outsourcing.

Unlike integrated circuits technologies, MEMS cannot be manufactured in standardized manufacturing processes. This has led to the growth of fabless MEMS design houses during the recent years. In 2011, IDMs accounted for the majority of market share in the global MEMS foundry outsourcing market. However, during the past four to five years the market of MEMS foundry outsourcing has shifted towards the pure-play business model, owing to the falling average selling prices of MEMS, in addition to the emergence of major IC foundries, such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Silex, and TeledyneDASLA.

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The major companies operating in the global MEMS foundry outsourcing market include STMicroelectronics NV, Sony Corporation, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, Teledyne DALSA Inc., Silex Microsystems AB, Asia Pacific Microsystems Inc., and X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG.