6 months ago

If you are a jewelry designer and love to work with beads then you must be looking beads that are beautiful as well as good in quality. There are many beads that you might have used but just to spice up the things you can try following beads for jewelry making:

1) Superduo Beads

These are two-hole beads that are used for making various types of jewelry item. They can enhance any design and will surely make them unique. This category also has twin beads which are similar to these beads. They can turn out be the best jewelry making material and there is a good chance that you might never get over these.

2) Metal Beads and Pipes

They are quite attractive beads. You can use them as spacers with other beads for making jewelry. Metal pipes and tube beads can help in giving your designs that refinement which will also help to enhance your jewelry designs.

3) Jasper Beads

These beads are extremely beautiful can be used for making gemstone jewelry. These lovely patterned beads will make your jewelry look so much more beautiful. You can mix and match them with other metal beads and get an alluring look. The best thing is you can buy these beads online at best bead store.

4) Kundan Work Beads

These are other amazing beads that are perfect for making traditional jewelry items. You will love how your jewelry will turn out after adding these to your necklace, anklets, bracelets, and earrings. They come in round and rectangle shapes, they can surely give your jewelry an enhanced look. I am sure you are going to love jewelry designs after adding these.

5) Natural Stone Beads

These beautiful beads come in various lovely shapes and patterns. They will give your designs a new tweak and definition. You are going to love how your designs will turn out after using them.

6) Ceramic Beads

These lovely color beads are perfect for making summer jewelry. The vibrant colors and vivid hues will surely make your designs outstanding. The multi color beads will surely add definition to your designs. You can find them in two shapes, round and tube.

7) Peanut Beads

These are the most unique beads by Preciosa, also known as Preciosa Farfalle Beads. They can make your jewelry unique. When used together interlinks them and make a unique patter which is extremely gorgeous. They come in various beautiful colors and can surely enhance your jewelry design.

So, this was all about some these unique beads that you can buy on your favorite bead store. There, you can find a wide range of other beads for jewelry making, crafting, embroidery and beads. Let me know in the comments below which bead is your favorite and where you are going to use it.

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